Have the Time of your Life

Our Passion:

To offer you best Quality and unique Timepieces with enduring Style.

Our Passion is rooted in Craftsmanship, reliability, precision and uniqueness that stand the test of Time.

With your Edward` s automatic Watch you are always at the Pulse of Time.

Why mechanical automatic?

A mechanical Watch Movement is assembled from hundreds of Parts. It``` is also called "the heart of the Watch"

Mechanical Watches are not "just" Watches. They are a Statement, a Lifestyle and Passion.


 Swiss Craftsmanship combinied with Japanese high-end Movement-Techonolgy with long-lasting reliability are the Marks of each Edward` s mechanical Watch. They can making each one an ideal Heirloom that can be passed down and cherished for several Generations.


Welcome into the World of Watchpassion - Welcome into the World of Edward` s Watch Company Switzerland.